Psychedelic Cinema #3: Fantastic Therapy + EN discussion

When: 12. 12. 2023, 18:00–20:00

Where: Kino Pilotů, Donská 168/19, Praha 10

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Czech Psychedelic Society has launched its new project Psychedelic Cinema, under which will regularly once per month organize screenings of psychedelic movies accompanied by interesting discussion with professionals in the field. We are continuing our journey on 5. 12. from 18:00 in Kino Pilotů with Czech film Fantastic Therapy with panel discussion in Czech with a psychologist Mgr. Klára Dudková, MSc. and then the following week on 12. 12. in English with Mgr. Daniela Koubková.

Fantastic Therapy

Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy is a very promising way of treating certain mental illnesses that is based on psychotherapy and the use of psychedelically active substances. In a few years, this form of therapy is likely to be firmly established among established treatment methods, and some health insurance companies already cover it. The documentary was made in collaboration with the only clinic here, „Psyon – Psychedelic Clinic.“ They legally use the substance ketamine for psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. The participating psychotherapists, psychologists, and doctors also mention other psychedelic substances, which are currently only used in experimental studies in our country. The film also features testimonials from clients who have undergone ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, where they discuss their experiences during psychedelic sessions and what the treatment has brought to them.