Great news! We finally launched a crowdfunding campaign to provide psycare (Kosmicare/Zendo-like) service at Czech summer psytrance parties. Support us by contributing via our HitHit project page so we can raise the required sum in time and purchase our own yurt and other necessary equipment! THANKS A LOT.

PsyCare is a free service aimed at providing professional help in the context of larger music events, especially to individuals undergoing a challenging psychedelic experience that could otherwise have unpleasant psychological consequences.

At UFO BUFO 2017 festival (1300 participants) where we did a 24/7 psycare service using a rented yurt with 15 volunteers in 5 shifts we helped over 20 people over the period of 3 days, given out free water, earplugs and informed dozens of others how to use substances responsibly and how to minimize potential harms.

For more information don’t hesitate to contact us at or have a look at our short promotional video (use the button on the bottom right corner to display English subtitles):