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We are a non-profit organization run mostly by volunteers and funded by generous donors. You can become a donor too. One-time or repeating donations are greatly welcome at donation platform

Certificate of donation for tax deduction purposes in the Czech Republic or EU is generated at the beginning of each year for the previous one.

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At the moment we are communicating only in Czech language among our members so it may be complicated to join us if you don’t speak Czech.

Anyway if you are interested in becoming an official member, the membership application form is available here (the questions are only in Czech, use Google translate on the page if needed).

Your appplication form will be considered on the next meeting of the executive board and then we will inform you about our decision.

Excerpt from the statuses:

A full member of the association can be a person over 18 years of age who identifies with the purpose of the association and wants to actively participate in its activities. Membership in the association is based on the approval of the application by the Core (Czech: “Jádro” = executive board) of the association.

A full member of the association has the right to:
To participate in the meetings of the Circle (Czech: “Kruh” = supreme body, general assembly) and the Core, to vote and to be elected to the bodies of the association.
To submit proposals, suggestions and comments to the bodies of the association.
To be a member of working teams, to make proposals for work and research.
To be informed about the activities of the association.

A full member of the Society has the duty to:
To abide by the wording of the statutes, the manifesto and to comply with the resolutions of the bodies of the society.
To participate in the activities of the Society.
To pay regular membership fees, the amount, due date and method of payment of which shall be determined by the Circle of the Society on the basis of a proposal from the Core; in the first year of membership only a pro rata part of the membership fee may be paid according to the time remaining in the calendar year.
Comply with the Code of Ethics approved by the Circle, if issued.
Ensure that the interests and reputation of the Association are not harmed.

Full version of the statutes (Czech) [PDF]