The Czech Psychedelic Society (abbr. “CZEPS”) was founded in order to establish a platform for an open discussion on the risks and benefits of the use of psychedelic substances. Our goals are to mediate access to the most recent information and to support research. Through our activities, we would like to continue the legacy of the Czech Republic as one of the centres of psychedelic research in the 1960s.


  • Destigmatize psychedelics
    • provide information about psychedelic substances
    • create a platform for an open discussion (with proponents as well as opponents of psychedelics)
    • produce results that can facilitate changes to current legislation
  • Establish a platform (to connect professionals who focus on psychedelics)
    • mediate interdisciplinary discussions on psychedelics in research and therapy
    • support psychedelic research
  • Reduce risks and adverse consequences of the recreational use of psychedelic substances, their illegality and the character of the black market
  • Prepare documents for a change in legislation regarding controlled research and therapeutic use of psychedelics in the Czech Republic